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Code of Ethics


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology Code of Ethics is structured around the core values of Competency, Efficacy, Respect, Choice, Inclusiveness and Integrity. These values incorporate the ideals and standards of the profession. All staff and practitioners commit to abide by and uphold these values.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology expects its practitioners to provide competent* and safe care that allows them to fulfill obligations ethically and responsibly to their clients. Tranquil Oasis practitioners demonstrate competent and safe care through their knowledge, ability, skills and judgment (competency sets), and where existent, standards of practice.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology believes in the healing power of Natural Health practices to produce health benefits.

Tranquil Oasis Reflexology supports ethical research* that ensures that the rights, dignity and safety of research participants are protected and that the highest level of intellectual honesty and integrity is employed in researching the efficacy of Natural Health practices.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology recognizes and respects the inherent worth of each person and advocates for respectful treatment of all persons.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology respects and promotes the autonomy* of persons. As such, Tranquil Oasis Reflexology supports the client’s right to express his or her healthcare needs and values and to obtain pertinent information.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology believes in and supports Natural Health practices that offer clients safe choices and options in Natural Health services.


Tranquil Oasis Reflexology believes in the highest level of personal and professional integrity in the pursuit and delivery of Natural Health services.

Ethical Standards

Responsibilities to “Benefit our Clients”

As Natural Health Practitioners, Tranquil Oasis Reflexology practitioners are committed to enhancing the well-being of their clients by acting positively on their behalf and actively supporting their health and well-being.  The following are explicit statements of behaviours that Tranquil Oasis Reflexology practitioners must demonstrate to benefit their clients.

Practitioners will:

  1. Respect the inherent worth and dignity of each and every client and demonstrate respect for the rights of all persons.
  2. Recognize that the principle objective of Natural Health practice is to serve the health needs and best interests of the client.
  3. Respect the client’s values, opinions, needs and cultural beliefs with respect to treatment.
  4. Conduct themselves with honesty and protect their personal integrity in all their professional relationships.
  5. Strive for the highest quality of Natural Healthcare achievable.
  6. Recognize that the principle of respect for persons includes respect for self, colleagues, the profession at large and the general public.
  7. Nurture the culture of Natural Health by recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of Natural Health Practitioners.
  8. Recognize that they cannot serve clients, society and the profession competently if they do not care for their own physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
  9. Maintain professional competence through continuing education.
  10. Recognize that being a Natural Health Practitioner is a privilege* and that each practitioner has a continuing responsibility to merit this privilege.
  11. When appropriate, encourage mentorship and guidance for the professional development of incumbent practitioners, and where applicable, other colleagues.
  12. Recognize the responsibility of the profession to promote fair access to the Profession’s services.
  13. Strive to promote the profession through advocacy, research and maintenance of standards of practice.


Responsibilities to Prevent “Harm to our Clients” (NON – MALEFICENCE)*

As Natural Health Practitioners, Tranquil Oasis Reflexology practitioners have a responsibility to do no harm and wherever possible, to prevent harm from occurring to clients. The following are explicit statements of behaviours that Tranquil Oasis Reflexology practitioners must demonstrate, in order to prevent harm to their clients.

Practitioners will:

  1. Place the wellbeing and best interests of the client first and foremost and provide competent, conscientious and diligent care with compassion and due regard for the client at all times.
  2. Represent qualifications honestly, including educational achievements and professional affiliations.
  3. Inform the client of the type and scope of service or treatment the practitioner provides.
  4. Inform the client of all applicable fees prior to the commencement of treatment.
  5. Represent honestly the benefits and limitations of treatment.
  6. Only provide Natural Health services within the scope of their competencies.
  7. Recommend a client seek a referral to an appropriately qualified practitioner when the practitioner recognizes a condition that is beyond the practitioner’s scope of practice or ability.
  8. Having accepted professional responsibility for a client, continue to provide services until they are no longer required or wanted, until another suitable practitioner has assumed responsibility for the client, where failure to do so could cause physical harm to the client, or until the client has been given adequate notice that the practitioner intends to terminate the relationship.
  9. Abide by applicable human rights legislation and other applicable laws and regulations supporting ethical practice, and where existent, professional standards.
  10. In providing Natural Health services, refrain from discriminating against any client on such grounds as age, gender, marital status, medical condition, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.
  11. Retain and practice the right to refuse to treat any client if the provision of such treatment poses risk of harm either to the client or to the practitioner.
  12. Treat all clients with respect; refrain from exploiting them for personal advantage, whether physical, sexual, emotional, religious or financial, or for any other reason.
  13. Respect the right of the competent client* to provide, modify or withdraw informed consent* at any time.
  14. Obtain informed consent* from a parent or guardian, subject to jurisdictional laws, when a client lacks decisional capacity.
  15. Maintain appropriate boundaries with a client and refrain from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, any sexual activities, or any sexual behaviour involving a client.
  16. Make every reasonable effort to refrain from entering into dual relationships* that are harmful or unethical.
  17. Provide for appropriate care for the client, including a clean and safe environment.
  18. Respect the physical privacy of the client and his or her comfort by utilizing appropriate draping techniques at all times.
  19. Respect the client’s right, subject to applicable privacy legislation, to control the collection, use, disclosure of and access to his or her information, and practice within relevant laws, governing privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.
  20. Share client information only with the client’s informed consent* or as may be legally required or where the failure to disclose would cause significant harm.
  21. Refrain from falsifying any part of a client’s record, or signing a certificate, report, or similar document that contains false information.
  22. Refrain from treating a client when the practitioner’s ability to practice is impaired by drugs, alcohol, a physical or mental ailment, emotional disturbance or addiction to any substance.
  23. Refrain from falsely advertising services through any medium or forum of public communication in an untruthful, misleading, or deceptive manner.
  24. Refrain from participating in any form of depreciatory behaviour that demonstrates a lack of respect for the client, colleagues, the profession or the general public.
  25. Ensure that any research that a member either conducts or participates in is evaluated both scientifically and ethically and complies with all ethical and legal requirements applicable to research.
  26. Refrain from any and all conduct or behaviour that diminishes the credibility and honour of the profession.
  27. Report a natural health practitioner or the health professional to the applicable authorities, where the practitioner has reasonable grounds to believe that another natural health practitioner or the healthcare professional has engaged in unsafe, unethical or illegal activities.